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Ameridex presents a unique database for people tracing on the Internet.
This database consists of over 380 million names, 300 million with date of birth compiled from multiple public and publicly available record sources.
Your queries are answered within seconds. Query criteria is very flexible including pattern, soundex, date of birth range, and first name and last name only searches.
The database includes dates of birth from 1870 to 1987 and addresses from 1994 to 2005.
This database is an excellent source for:
  • Probate and genealogical research
  • Birth parents and adoptee search
  • Date of birth verification
  • Ameridex also provides Internet access for the Nationwide Death Index (SSDI) current to September 4, 2009 as well as other state death records .

    Ameridex provides Internet access for Real-time Nationwide Telephone Directory Assistance.This database consists of over 160 million residential and business records and is updated daily. Cellphone and unlisted telephone numbers are available for qualified customers.
    New $0.95 Searches! People search, birth, marriage, divorce and military.
    Sign up by seleting the Buy Now button for a cost of $1.00 applicable to subsequent queries which cost as low as $0.35 each. No finds are free except for the Death Index. You can add funds using Paypal - as little as $1.00 at a time. The balance of your account is refundable for 60 days.

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